Government Notifications/ Resolutions

Sr. No. Subject Download
1 Road Safety Week 2019. Download
2 Road Safety Audit and Works in consequence thereof Honble Supreme Court Directions Honble Justice Radhakrishnan Committee Report. 201901111741331018 Download
3 Appointment of Nodal Officer for the implementation of MoU regarding work towards road safety on the expressway. Download
4 Implementation of 29th Road Safety Mission 2018 Download
5 No Helmate, No petrol for implementing Road Safety Policy. Download
6 Suspension of driving licence for traffic offences as a road safety measure. Download
7 Road safety policy of Maharashtra state Download
8 Speed Limit in Maharashtra Download
9 Motor Vehicle Act Order Download
10 हिंदू हृदयसम्राट बाळासाहेब ठाकरे महाराष्ट्र समृद्धी महामार्ग (मुंबई-नागपूर शिघ्रसंचार द्रुतगती महामार्ग) वेगमर्यादा अधिसूचना. Download
11 अवजड वाहन बंदी आदेश. Download
12 वाहतुक अधिसुचना- मुंबई पुणे द्रूतगती महामार्ग. Download
13 वाहतूक अधिसुचना (Panvel-Karjat Railway Corridor work). Download
14 यशवंतराव चव्हाण द्रुतगती मार्गावर (मुंबई-पुणे महामार्ग) सुधारित वेग मर्यादा, विशेषतः घाट विभागात (कि. 35.500 ते 52,000 किमी). Download
15 Revised speed limits on the Yashwantrao Chavan Expressway (Mumbai-Pune Highway), specifically in the ghat section (from km 35.500 to km 52,000). Download
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