On the recommendations of the panel appointed by the court, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued the following guidelines for the protection of the good people by consulting the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Law Ministry –

Any bystander or good man, including the eyewitnesses of a road accident, can take the injured person to the nearest hospital, and that bystander or good man will be allowed to go immediately and no questions will be asked of that about that incident, Except just the eyewitness,Which will be let to go after the address is revealed.

To encourage other citizens to come forward for the help of Road Accident victims, a suitable reward or compensation will be given to the Bystander or the good man by the methods adopted by the State Governments.

The bystander or the good man will not be liable for any civil and criminal liability

A bystander or a good man who gives information to the police for the person injured on the road or makes phone calls for emergency services,He will not be compelled to give his name and personal details on the phone or in person.

Personal information of such as good man’s name and contact details will be made to be made voluntary and optional. This will also be done in the Medicolegal case (MLC) form provided by hospitals.

Regarding government officials, disciplinary action will be taken who will force or threaten to give their names or personal details of any bystander or good man.

If a bystander or good man who has voluntarily mentioned that he is also the witness of the accident and is required to be posted for the purpose of the investigation by the police or during the trial, then the same person will be summoned The trail will be followed and the standard operating procedure will be developed by the state government,So that it can be ensured that no bystander or good man be persecuted or intimidated.

Method of discussion,Under the section 284 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973, a formal affidavit can be done by any commission or section 296 of the said Code and standard operating procedures will be developed within a period of 30 days from the date of issue of this notification.

To keep a good person away from harassment or to keep away from the discomfort, the bystander or the good man and the above mentioned person in the above mentioned guide (1), who is eyewitness, will be used extensively for video conferencing during the trial. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will issue guidelines, in which it will be mentioned that no registered public and private hospital should stop the payment of either bystander or good man, or by paying for the registration and recruitment costs,

At the time when the medical care is expected to be provided by the doctor from any emergency situation related to road accidents, the lack of response by a Doctor for the treatment of Indian Medical Council (Business Ethics, Ethics and Moral) Regulations, 2002 Under section 8 of the alleged regulation against that doctor, Personnel will be prosecuted. All hospitals will publish a charter in the native language of Hindi, English and of State or Union Territory at their entrance to this effect, that they will not stop bystander or good man for the treatment of any afflicted person.

These guidelines will be followed by all public and private hospitals immediately and appropriate action will be taken by the concerned authorities regarding non-compliance of these guidelines or violation of these guidelines.

Unless it is not practical to do so for any other reason beyond the nuisance or control of the crowd, he will make every rational remedy to provide medical assistance to the injured person, taking him to a nearby doctor or hospital, and to every registered doctor or hospital It is the duty of the physician working in that to give immediate treatment to the person before completing the formalities.

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