Causes of Accidents

Human factors

  • Over speeding.
  • Dangerous overtaking / Lane cutting.
  • Drunken driving.
  • Over crowding and over loading.
  • Lack of driving skills and inadequate knowledge of traffic discipline.
  • Fatigue of drivers.
  • Work parking of vehicles.
  • Non use of protective gear i.e. Helmets, Seat belts etc.

Weather Conditions

  • Fog / Rain.
  • Extream heat causing tyre burst.

Other Factors

  • Stray animals.
  • Fault of pedestrians.
  • Falling of boulders/landslides etc.
  • Traffic Jams.


  • Lack of traffic personnel / RTO, non-manning of important point points and lax supervision and enforcement of Motor Vehicles Act provisions.