Charter of Duties

  • Patrol the National & State Highways under its jurisdiction & make out cases on NH-4 & the express Highway as per the GR dated 30/08/2000.
  • Patrol 12 National highways (4417 NH) 291 State Highways - 33165 kms in the State.
  • Help Accident Victims.
  • Guide the travelers, and passangers.
  • Removal of breakdown vehicles,and Obstructions with the help of other Departments and NGOs.
  • Traffic Regulation at Accident Spots.
  • Search the vehicles involved in crime & accidents.
  • Check on the terrorist activities by way of checking the dhabas, petrol pumps, hotels etc.
  • Make out cases on the National and State Highways in the Jurdictions as per the G.R.No MVR.0807/C.R.409/TRA-2. Dt 4th August 2009.